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July 24, 2011 / forgiveness


 The knot on the box is called an abalone knot. It’s also referred to as awabi musubi, the Josephine knot, or a good luck knot. This is one of the easier mizuhiki knots to make.

mizuhiki cord – I purchased the cord in SF Japan town. You can also find it online.
hot glue gun

First make the abalone shell knot. I used five cords to make the knot. I recommend starting with three cords then weaving the last two cords into the knot. Make sure to keep your cords flat when making the knot. You don’t want the cords to be twisted. Set the knot aside for later.
Using three mizuhiki cords, wrap the gift just like you would using ribbon and knot on top.

Take one of the tales of the knot and make a loop. Tuck the end of it into the center knot and pull through part of the way.

Space the cords of the loop to look like the picture above. Trim the tails of the cord.

Take the abalone knot and hot glue it to the top of the gold cord. You can also use wire to adhere it to the top as well.

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