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July 24, 2011 / forgiveness


Easy directions to make the newspaper roses below.Supplies:
Acrylic paint
floral tape
green floral wire

1. I first made the paper roses the same way I make tissue flowers. See lower part of this page.

2. Tape the newspaper rose to the floral wire. Wrap the bottom of the rose with the floral tape to cover up the tape and any seams.

3. Paint roses with acrylic paint. I chose to leave some of the newspaper showing. If you want all the newspaper painted, paint the newspaper before you make the flower.


tissue paper – any color
tape or florist tape

Cut two layers of tissue paper into a circle. My circle is about 8 inches in diameter but any size should do.

With both layers together, fold in half.

Fold tissue over (refer to picture) and pinch at the bottom.

Still holding the flower at the bottom, separate the layers at the top of the flower (refer to picture).

Begin to roll the flower in the same direction you made the first fold. Make sure to keep the fold loose.

Once it’s rolled into the flower shape, fold back the outer layer to resemble a flower. To get the shape you want, it might take a little finessing. Just remember it’s an organic shape so you really can’t go wrong.

Tape the bottom of the flower so it does not unravel. Done.

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