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July 24, 2011 / forgiveness


Thank you to everyone who left a comment asking me to post a tutorial. It made my weekend to see all the comments. So without further ado, here’s the tutorial.

*Click on the pictures to enlarge images

Catalog – I used the kind that are stapled together, not bound. You’ll need a catalog with at least 30 pages/pieces of paper.
White Glue

Cut off the bottom of the catalog, make sure the piece you’re using is stapled together. You might want to add another staple for extra reinforcement.

Step 1: Open the first page of the catalog. Now place glue on the page (refer to picture). Glue down to the back of the cover.

You should now have a loop.

Repeat step 1 with the next page.

Now you should have two loops.

Repeat the process till all the pages are glued except the cover page to the left. Let sit for a half hour to dry.

Now, glue the last page to complete the flower. Let dry overnight.

Thread fishing line through a loop to hang.

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